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Welcome to the IT Form Developer

Contact us

If you have questions about using this site or or want an informal discussion about developing your IT please call David at IT Form Developer.

  Mob: 07870 978501

About IT Form Developer

IT Form Developer (IFD) was started in Jan 2012.

We build web based programs to promote productivity and sales for business.

The primary aim of IFD is to:
  • Develop and operate IFD owned web businesses.
    For example this web site IT Form Developer
  • To create engines and operate in partnerships using flexible business arrangements.
  • Develop and operate web applications for external business.

Who are our customers?

  • Managers of companies (SMEs) who wish to develop software to assist in the administration of their business. Normally the goal would be to use the Internet to communicate internally and/or business to business in order to improve productivity.
  • Entrepreneurs or companies who want to run a business on the web. This may be a wholly online business or developed as an extension of their existing business. Normally the site would be public facing and intended to generate sales.

Creating Web Applications

For convenience we classify web sites as:

  • Business Card - A static web site with a small number of pages and fixed information which needs updates very rarely. A small static web site takes days to develop and requires little ongoing maintenance.
  • Basic Web Site - A static web site with a medium number of pages whose content may require to be updated by administrative staff on a daily basis. It takes weeks to develop and requires little ongoing maintenance.
    A number of content management packages exist which can be used to allow people who are not trained in web design to update a web site. We are developing a simple web content management system using plain XML files which we would encourage you to consider.
  • Web Tools - Single page tools which add dynamic elements to a static web site in order to provide some functionality. Web tools take weeks to develop.
    IT Form Developer now provides the ability to rapidly create online web tools and forms which can quickly add dynamic content and help to manage administration.
  • Web Application (Webapp) - A dynamic web site normally linked to a database which performs a dedicated activity for the public or business. It takes months to develop and requires both a developer and an administrator to maintain and run it.
  • Enterprise Web Application - A dynamic web site which integrates directly in the IT operation of the company. It takes a number of staff years to develop and is seen as one as part of an integrated IT policy.

Current projects

In order of priority:

  • IT FORM DEVELOPER (IFD): Rapid form creation, data capture, information tracking & work process development - [more].
  • GOLDEN POINT: IT project management developed using IT Form Developer - [more].
  • LANCS BUSINESS LINK EXCHANGE : In development. Improving search engine ratings using a link exchange.
  • SIMPLEIMAGEVIEWER: In development. Vehicle for generating Internet traffic.

IT Form Developer : Rapid form creation, data capture, information tracking & work process development.

IT Form Developer is simple to use and has the potential to transform your business.
Please contact us and find out exactly how we can help you.
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