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IT Form Developer

We are offering to
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Fed Up Of All The Paperwork?

The Internet has changed how businesses operate. The latest development is for organisations to manage their customer facing, B2B transactions and internal administration online. To this end at IT Form Developer we have developed a simple way of managing your administration using software which allows us to rapidly generate customised online forms.

Tired of paperwork. "I don't want to spend time after 5 o'clock hanging around here waiting for confirmation that the job has gone ahead. I want to go home, start making tea and have a wine. But also I want to be able to put my laptop on the side, refresh the browser and be sure that everything's running smoothly." IFD Client.

If you are in an organisation with lots of paperwork, being passed between lots of people, in a number of locations; If your skilled staff still spend a lot of time needlessly using the computer to help them do the paperwork; then we are capable of transforming the way you work.

Tired of paperwork. Our forms have the ability to perform routine tasks programmatically. They are easily modified. Transactions take place immediately. Your data can be reported back to the user and corrected. Progress can be tracked.

This increase in the quality of your information and transparency can improve how your company operates and is perceived by your customers, and as the paperwork begins to take care of itself your attention can be focused back on to your core business activities.

One more important thing; IT Form Developer can be 'pay as you go' which means that the forms are there for you when you are busy and which you don't pay for when your not.

We are always happy to talk. Please contact us about your requirements.

Complete the Test Example form.

As an indication of how the system will works please have a go with the 'Test Example' form - [here].

We use our software to quickly create standalone forms for use in your 'one off' situations.

Using IT Form Developer can help you:

  • Rapidly create and/or modify forms.
  • Significantly improve accuracy and quality of your data.
  • Collect, correct and store data in a single location.
  • Present different views of the data to different users according to their requirements.
  • Quickly search for records and groups of records.
  • Access records and continue to work from any location and at any time.
  • Allow a number of parties to access information in a controlled manner.
  • Improve transparency, improve communication, and increase client confidence.
  • Demonstrate the progressive nature of your attitude towards business.
  • Track the progress of a business process with auto-generated alerts or confirmations.
  • Generate business reports.
  • Output information in various formats.
  • Create bespoke tools to further manipulate the data.
  • Reduce paper work and paper storage.
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If you're in business then you need to capture data.

  • For your core business activities.
  • To keep your accounts.
  • For use in your business reports.
  • In order to meet your legal requirements.

You may consider employing an administrator.


  • The costs associated with hiring and managing an employee.
  • Payroll, pensions and insurance.
  • Holidays and sickness.
  • Finding office space.
  • Paying for telephony and Internet.
  • Providing hardware and IT support.
  • Cleaners, security, consumables etc.

And so on ...


Use IT Form Developer. You get the data that you want the way that you want it.

  • We charge 39p per form page.
  • We only charge when you receive your data.
  • We're available 24/7.
  • We can be accessed remotely.


We can do this because we work programatically. We automate the process. We let the computer do the work.

Web form icon.


  • Rapid creation
  • Multiple pages
  • Accuracy
  • Error checking

Database icon.


  • Sorting
  • Searching
  • Access control
  • Archiving

Tools icon.


  • Alerting
  • Output formats
  • Tracking
  • Emailing

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  • Trans parency
  • Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Confidence

Telephone icon.Text 'IFD your landline number' to 07870 978501 and we will contact you.


We are available to take on new projects. Currently we are working on a marketing questionnaire for Qamoogle.

Programmer and Expert

Are you an expert in your field? Do you have an idea for a web based business that you would like to build?

An alternatively to simply employing us to do work for you would be to arrange to work in a partnership.

Interested? Please speak to us about your project.


There's an old joke about liking both types of music: 'Country and Western'.

In a similarly vein I like to think of Information Technology as 'Information and Technology' and my advice is to forget the Technology and focus on the Information ... [more].


IT Form Developer : Rapid form creation, data capture, information tracking & work process development.

IT Form Developer is simple to use and has the potential to transform your business.
Please contact us and find out exactly how we can help you.
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